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AK 47 Cannabis is a strain of marijuana that has a sweet and earthy aroma with a hint of pine. The high from this cannabis is describe as a creative and happy feeling. AK 47 Cannabis has a THC content of 18%.

This is a pack of AK 47 cannabis cigarettes. The pack includes 10 packs of 10 cigarettes each. The AK 47 is a potent cannabis strain that is said to be a cross between Afghani and Mexican strains.

These are the same high-quality cigarettes you would find in any store, but they come with a much more potent cannabis strain.

You will be able to enjoy the AK 47 strain with every drag, as it has a potent THC content of 16%. You will also enjoy the original tobacco flavor, as these cigarettes are made with the same high-quality tobacco.

This pack of AK 47 cannabis cigarettes is perfect for any cannabis enthusiast who wants to enjoy a powerful, flavorful smoke that will keep them feeling energized and uplifted.

These cigarettes come with a potent 16% THC content, which will ensure that you feel the effects quickly and intensely. Buy AK 47 Cannabis

The original tobacco flavor ensures that you can enjoy the same quality of smoke you would find in any store, and the high-quality tobacco ensures that you will enjoy a powerful, flavorful smoke.

AK 47 Cannabis For Sale

This is a sativa-dominant strain that can produce a powerful high with a pleasant and euphoric feeling.

The smell of this strain is often pungent and fruity, and the taste is often sweet and tangy.

The smell of this strain is often pungent and fruity, and the taste is often sweet and tangy.

AK 47 cannabis is a hybrid cannabis strain. AK 47 is a cross between Afghan Kush and Chemdawg. The strain was name after the infamous rifle of the same name.

This strain provides an intense and long-lasting high. It is know for its ability to relax muscles and relieve pain. It is use for treating patients with chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia.


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